The Department of Forests will start producing its newsletter quarterly specifically providing forests news to its clients.   There’s been so much happenings within forestry during the previous years but today we have finally publishing three forestry newsletter issues for 2016  and first quarter issue for 2017.   The newsletter is presented in three main languages such as English, French and Bislama (Vanuatu Common Language).

To read more, please visit the following links:

Forestry Newsletter issue 1_2017 french

Forestry Newsletter issue 1_2017

Forestry Newsletter issue 1 2016 final

Bulletin Information Sylviculture Volume 4 Edition 1

Forestri Niusleta_issiu 1_ 2016 final (Bislama)

Bulletin d’information Vol4 2ed

Forestry Newsletter issue 2 final_2016

Forestry Newsletter issue 3_2016_English_final

Forestry Newsletter issue 3_2016_Bislama_final

Forestry Newsletter issue 3_2016_French_final

If you want to subscribe or be included in our email distribution list, please send an email to Mrs Phyllis Kamasteia on

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