Enhancing Management and Processing of Endospermum medullosum

The Whitewood scientifically known as Endospermum medullosum is one of the high value timber species naturally grown in Vanuatu. To date the Whitewood among four other forestry top priority tree species have been identified as the valuable tree species not only for timbers but is also a climate change resistant forest species.
The Department of Forests in Vanuatu encourages lots of communities in Vanuatu through trainings and awareness on the species based on past researches done on this species and therefore farmers throughout the country have been planting Whitewood trees on their woodlots. Since it is a fast growing tree and due to the very high demand of its timber locally and internationally, Vanuatu government through the Department of Forests initiated a project on how to maximise the benefits of Whitewood grown in woodlots or plantation.
The current project is called “Enhancing Management and Processing Systems for Value-adding in plantation-grown Endospermum medullosum in Vanuatu is fully funded by ACIAR.

To learn more on some great achievements in 2015, click on the report below;

Whitewood 2 2015 Progressivel Report