1. National Forest Events include the International Day of Forests seen highlights and commemorations of the day with tree planting as the major activity nation wide reflecting the “Theme” on “Forests and Water”.
  2. National Tree Planting day on 21st June, 2016 was celebrated successfully and had recorded a total of 24,000 plus seedlings planted across the country.
  3. During the National Forestry Week which was celebrated from 21st to 26th August, it was a week long celebrations, earmarked as another remarkable event with a “Theme” on “Creative People, Productive Forests”. The forest industries, carvers and handicrafts associations displayed their valuable forest products at the French Embassy.and was witnessed by hundreds and hundreds of people residing in Port Vila.

In 2016 the international day of forest was celebrated successfully with launching of historical events for department of forests sector

The statement, “Forest, land and people are inseparably linked” is a statement that one cannot deny. The culture, custom, livelihood and well being of the people in Vanuatu are hinged on the forests resources and forests ecosystems. Forests and trees has continued to provide a range of goods and services, some of which are clean water and clean air, soil fertility and stability, medicine, food, shelter, building materials, fuel-wood and a source of income.

The launching of the historical annual events include:

  1. International Day of Forests to be held on 21st March.
  2. National Tree Planting day on 21st June
  3. National Forestry Week .on 21st – 27th August