International Day of Forests was also commemorated with tree plantings activity as the main highlights throughout Vanuatu. In Port Vila, the Department of Forests organized it in a very unique way in collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Office, Public Service Commission, and forestry stakeholders were invited to celebrate the day at the Prime Minister’s Office. The Prime Minister and the other officials took part in planting a seedling at the Prime Minister’s premises and at the same time beautifying it with a few endemic species of Vanuatu.

That year's event was the "National Tree Planning Day" on 21st June 2018

For your information about this upcoming event, the Department of Forests will use any available forms of media tools to promote the event. You can be updated through the weekly radio program (Insaed long bus program) on Wednesdays evening at 8.00 to 8.30pm and Paradise FM by Radio Vanuatu or TBV.

Third upcoming event is the national forestry week from 21st to 27th August 2018.

The main theme for 2018 is “Creating sustainable future”.

Please check out for more information on social media (Department of Forests facebook page), radio Vanuatu(Insaed long bus prokram, Talkback shows and on Paradise FM) and also on print(Daily post). Please click on below to download the National Forestry Week final program for 2018.