Ministerial Order to open Sandalwood Harvest Season

In exercise of the powers conferred to the Honourable WILLIE DANIEL KALO, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity, by the Forestry Act No.3l of 2019, the following Orders are made.

  1. The harvesting and exporting of Sandalwood logs commences from November 2020 to July 2021.
  2. The harvesting quota for the sandalwood logs during the period stated under clause 1 above is 80 tonnes. Licensees who have not reached their license quota under subclause (1) are allowed to harvest sandalwood. The licensees who have reached the licensed quota under subclause (1) are not allowed to harvest the sandalwood.
  3. The sandalwood logs are to be graded in thee categories as follows:
    1. Grade l - No defects
    2. Grade 2 - Up to 10% defect
    3. Grade 3 - Is to 50% defect
  4. The minimum prices for sandalwood logs are set out as follows:
    1. 1st Grade hardwood - VT4,000 per kilogram
    2. 2nd Grade hardwood - VT3,000 per kilogram
    3. 3rd Grade hardwood - VT2,000 per kilogram
  5. All harvesting and processing of sandalwood logs must comply with the requirements ofthe Vanuatu Code of Logging Practice. All harvesting and operation activities must not take place in Conservation Areas or areas that are legally prohibited.
  6. The export permit fee for exporting sandalwood logs is VTl0,000.
  7. A person who contravenes the provisions of this Order is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine of VT100,000.
  8. This Order commences on the day on which it is made.
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List of Sandalwood Licensees 2020

No.NameTonnageLicense No.Contacts
1Derick Thimothy1SL 143
2Oliver Kalterikia1SL 1445918131
3Nisia Gold Forest2SL 1457715364
4Willie Tataki1SL 1467769425
5Williamson O. Naros5SL 1477744798 / 5927694
6TN Trading1SL 1487603218
7Nikiau David Kalanga10SL 1495901563
8Maki Simelum10SL 1507747524
9John Kapdum1SL 1517719293 / 5379010
10Erro Timbers and Sandalwood10 SL 1527787116
11Vanuatu Provendors2SL 1537767188 / 7736340
12Steven Nilwo1SL 1547315167 / 5405502
13Johnny Saman1SL 1555440051
14Junior Tavav1SL 1567356302
15Manamuana Sandalwood Exporter1SL 1577776603