Aniwa Community Reforestation Projects

Aniwa Community Reforestation Project is one of the smallest existing community project coordinated and managed by the Department of Forests (DoF) focusing mainly on achieving its main objectives which to improve the vegetation cover through rehabilitating the degraded areas on Aniwa. Although the project funds are limited, both parties (DoF and Aniwa Community) work very collaboratively to achieve its objectives and most importantly ensuring that a change on the vegetation cover be proved by mapping in 10-15 years time.

Aniwa is an island vulnerable to many worst climatic scenarios such as shortage of water, food and very often experiencing long drought. However, further request on extending the project was approved purposely to:

  1. Improve and Increase orange planting materials and trial on orange juice production
  2. Increase agricultural root crops
  3. Upgrade existing nursery for more seedling productions